Animate Times to become AbracadabraGames

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Animate Times to become AbracadabraGames

■ TOKYO JAPAN, July 1, 2017 – Abracadabra Inc., the videogame and entertainment company behind Animate Times official English Facebook page, announced that the page will soon be changing its name to AbracadabraGames.

Abracadabra Inc. explained that the new name would reflect the evolving focus and standards of the company, which in the past years has switched its focus from media to Japanese otome and BL (yaoi) games.

These are the changes to be made to the Facebook page managed by Abracadabra Inc.:
・The name of the page will go from “Animate Times” to “AbracadabraGames”
・The page username will go from “@animatetimesen” to “@AbracadabraGamesOfficial”

Even after the name change, the contents published on the page will stay the same and will focus almost exclusively on AbracadabraGames releases and in-game events.

Thank you for supporting AbracadabraGames.

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About Abracadabra Inc.
ABRACADABRA INC. is in charge of otome and BL (yaoi) smartphone games overseas management and localization. ABRACADABRA INC. is working on the multi-language delivery of a large number of games, to contribute to the global expansion of exciting Japanese-made contents and to make them enjoyable for users all over the world.

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